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The ultimate co-parenting experience for men & women inspired by Author Monyetta's Shaw latest book 'Keep It Classy' with a foreword by Shaffer 'Neyo' Smith will cover FAMILY, FITNESS, FAITH, FINANCE & MENTAL HEALTH! Families are finding new ways to come together and define their new path going forward for the ultimate benefit of the bundles of joy they have created. Going thru a separation or divorce can lead one to finding themselves in a shift overnight, especially when children are involved! No matter your reason, you may ask yourself, how will I do this? what about the kids? my kids cannot be around that new person! what about everything we built together? you find yourself having breakdowns? you may not want to live anymore.. How do you bounce back? If this applies to you, the Keep It Classy Co-Parenting Experience is an interactive platform built by a woman who faced a high profile separation and made a way despite all odds! Come ready to gain new insights on-coparenting from a diverse panel, network, set goals and define your new path! This is a movement. This is an experience! Things to bring with you: - workout outfit - 1-2 of your favorite magazine - your personality, but most importantly your story and an open heart!
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