“In the midst of your own hurt feelings, you must consider how you want your children to experience the world around them. Are you setting an example that teaches them how to love, let go, and love again? Will they learn from you how to expect respect and be respectful?”
- Monyetta Shaw
“I can assure you that when you decide to form a healthy environment for your kids, which includes forgiveness, then everything begins falling into divine order”
- Monyetta Shaw
About Monyetta Shaw:
Mother, Author, Philanthropist, Actress and Entrepreneur, Monyetta Shaw represents hard work, class, glamour and Southern charm. Hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, this budding multi-talented mogul and style maven embarked on an entertainment career after graduating from Louisiana Tech with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Appearing in several films, most notably her pictorial role in ‘Soul Men’ is where Monyetta began created a name for herself, developed a love for acting and industry networking; and maintained regular roles on production sets in Louisiana. It was also during this time that she met her former fiancée singer/songwriter Ne-Yo with whom they share two beautiful children, Madilyn and Mason born a year apart. It was during this time period that Monyetta mastered the balance of motherhood and entrepreneurship.
As a published author, Monyetta has released ‘The Adventures of Maddie’ and ‘Bigger Than Me’. Her upcoming highly anticipated book ‘Keep It Classy’ is a guide for women finding themselves in the waters of blending families and co-parenting together. The topics range from mental health to solving daily hurdles so co-parents can work together and put their children first. Monyetta will kick off her Unstoppable Women’s Empowerment Tour in 2019 built on the foundation of co-parenting and providing tools needed to enhance life-changing experience where women find themselves as single mothers and co-parenters. Monyetta continues to show the world why she is such a modern-day phenomenon. Her passion for defining happiness, service and  family continues to drive every aspect of her brand. Monyetta’s advice to young women is ‘despite any triumph or loss you may face, utilize each experience to propel you towards your dreams’.
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